Hats Off to Our Young Folks

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As a leader within the beef industry, I constantly as myself what it is that I can do better; what it might be that we’re missing within the ANCW. During this year’s Cattle Industry Convention in Phoenix, Arizona (and the months since), I noticed something. We are a quiet force, and we are growing. We Are making a difference. The ANCW had the opportunity to have three young women as our interns for the length of the convention. I asked the three young ladies to give us a taste of what they experienced. Here we are, months away, and these young women continue to make waves within their respective communities and within our industry. Please read on for their CIC experiences…
Chesley RudasillANCW Intern from Texas
Texas Aggie Cattlewomen
Brenham, TX


Joining the American National CattleWomen has been a highlight of my career within the beef industry. I first learned about this amazing women’s organization last year when I attended the ANCW meetings at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Conference and Trade Show last year in Nashville. I loved getting to meet passionate cattlewomen talk about their state and local chapters and building relationships with many of the women in attendance. This year, I was fortunate enough to be chosen as an intern for the ANCW meetings. I enjoyed getting to reconnect and network with all the ANCW members  as we came together to talk about the good and the bad in the industry that is near and dear to our hearts. A highlight of my time as an intern was going on the Ag tour and being able to tour a dairy, carrot farm, and US Foods. This year at our meeting I officially began my work on the Ways and Means committee. I am excited to be apart of this committee am ready to get the ball rolling on new fundraising ideas that will benefit the organization.


Attending the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Conference and Trade Show has opened my eyes to the impending problems that face the beef industry. Being able to attend the sessions offered has opened my eyes to the current issues that we face and how industry members are advocating for changes. Members of the Texas Aggie CattleWomen attended the Young Beef Leaders Tailgate the opening day of tradeshow. During that hour I was able to catch up with other collegiates from Auburn and Oklahoma as well as talk with collegiates that I had never met. We were also able to meet our Region IV Young Beef Leader Advisor and chat with him about the work that they are doing to try and bridge the age gap of NCBA attendees. My favorite part of NCBA this year was going to the fiesta. Seeing the Corona Ranch alone was spectacular but there was something for everyone to do from food, drinks, Beef The Hell outta Cancer Fundraiserdancing, games and even a hot air balloon. I look forward to GEAUX to New Orleans next year!


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Sarah DrownANCW Intern from OSU
Oklahoma State University
San Diego, CA

I got more out of the ANCW meetings and the 2018 National Cattle Convention than I expected! I loved every minute of the meetings with cattle women who are older and wiser than I am, with more experience in the beef industry. Monday was the start to an amazing week, with the industry tours at Kerr Dairy, the carrot farm, and JBS’s Beef Packaging plant. I learned a large amount about the process dairy farmers use in Arizona, which is very different from other states with such an arid climate. I was very intrigued at JBS to follow the process the cattle go through to end up as a steak on our plate and found that tour to be the most fascinating and eye-opening. Following that, the meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday showcased the hard working women in this industry and made me proud of my background, as well as the future I want to make raising cattle. It was an honor to meet ANCW officers and state representatives who taught me while I was there.
The convention was a whole other adventure, and one I will not forget anytime soon. Being able to attend Cattlemen’s College, the general sessions, and the Expo opened my eyes to ways beef production is growing and evolving to be more sustainable, efficient, and transparent for the public. I learned how producers in the dry parts of Arizona purchase cattle that will adapt to that environment, as well as, how to survive in the industry during natural disasters and changing economic demands. Listening to marketing techniques by Jim Taylor and the benefits of adapting by Jim Abbot was exciting for me, and I look forward to attending the convention for many years to come. I plan to further my involvement in local Cattle Women’s groups before the next convention.



 “…I encourage others who are pursuing careers, not pursuing careers or already involved in the beef cattle industry to attend next year.” -Callie Jones
Callie JonesANCW Intern from Texas
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX
Howdy, my name is Callie Jones and I am an Animal Science and Horticulture major from Texas A&M University. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern for the ANCW 2018 Annual Meetings. This was my second year to attend ANCW Annual Meetings and The Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show and both years have been spectacular. I have been able to travel with my local chapter, Texas Aggie Cattlewomen, both years. Each year, I have learned more about the cattle industry, ongoing activities and legislative matters. I have been given the opportunity to meet business professionals, farmers, and ranchers from all across the United States and even some individuals from around the world. I was able to become more knowledgeable about companies who play a huge role in our industry from feed companies to animal health companies to farm machinery companies during the trade show. Attending ANCW and NCBA meetings has allowed for me to see the importance in advocating for the cattle industry and how we play a role in other sectors in the agriculture industry. We are able to protect our livelihood and passions through advocating for our businesses which is a major part of our family life as well as through pushing for positive change in legislation.
Something I was not expecting to happen in two years, would be the lifelong friends I have made through ANCW. These empowering women have truly taken me under their wing to share their years of experience in the industry. Each lady shows strong leadership and never-ending commitment to the beef cattle industry while continuing to achieve many other milestones in their life. These ladies have helped me reach out and continue to be a voice for the beef cattle industry.
If I was asked to choose my favorite event from my Phoenix experience, it would be hands-down the Emerging Beef Leaders luncheon. I was able to sit at a table with three industry professionals as well as other college students from around the United States. We had an amazing speaker, Bruce Vincent, who is part of the logging industry. He used his experiences which logging to show us that through voices and legislation we can continually improve our industry and educate people on the our daily tasks on a farm or ranch.
This was an extraordinary opportunity for me and I encourage others who are pursuing careers, not pursuing careers or already involved in the beef cattle industry to attend next year. I look forward to what we can accomplish together over this year!

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