ANCW Recognizes Its Stars

In every organization there are ‘stars,’ those individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty. The American National CattleWomen, Inc. is blessed to have its over-abundance of stars – members who diligently and tirelessly volunteer their time and skills for the betterment of ANCW and the beef community.
At the 2018 ANCW Annual Convention, held this winter in Phoenix, Ariz., ANCW recognized three of its stars during the annual awards presentation.

Outstanding Educator of the Year

The 2018 ANCW Outstanding Educator of the Year award was presented to Nancy Carlson from Hotchkiss, Colo. Nancy is very passionate about agriculture and beef education working to increase education efforts on a local, state, and national level.

As a member of the Black Mesa CattleWomen she has provided educational materials for the local elementary schools and has been an Agriculture in the Classroom teacher. She also assists in setting up a booth at the Delta County Fair to educate fair-goers on the beef checkoff, ranching, water, and beef nutrition.
Carlson has served as the chair of the education committee for the Colorado CattleWomen for four years. She has been a liaison between the Colorado CattleWomen and the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture to implement Agriculture in the Classroom programs including the Colorado Literacy Program and to write and edit Colorado Readers on ranching and nutrition topics. Carlson was instrumental in producing the Cattle in Colorado History activity book, which is distributed annually to elementary schools across Colorado.

On the national level, Nancy was the manager for the Youth Development K-12 working group for three years. She has worked with ANCW to develop a study on national beef curriculum, to update the recommended reading list of accurate beef books, and developed a partnership with the American Farm Bureau Federation and ANCW for a pilot program on beef curriculum. She also worked with the Oklahoma Agriculture in the Classroom program to develop a beef tailgate toolkit.
In a letter of recommendation from Heather Hays Stinnett, Colorado CattleWomen president, it states, “I have found Nancy’s knowledge and resource base to be second to none in our role of educating about the beef industry.”


Outstanding Promoter of the Year

If you have attended an ANCW meeting or event, you have most likely seen Jean Barton with her camera, notepad, and pen documenting the event. From Red Bluff, Calif., Barton has been a beef promoter her entire life and has been writing articles for publication in newspapers for nearly 70 years. It is for these many years of enthusiastic dedication in promoting the beef industry with a positive story that led to Jean Barton being named the 2018 ANCW Outstanding Promoter of the Year.
One could write a book on Jean’s tireless efforts to promote beef on a local, state, and national level. From writing articles and submitting recipes to the Red Bluff Daily News, to writing the “Rest of the Story” for California CattleWomen about meetings and events, to passing out beef samples and visiting with consumers at various trade shows and fairs, Jean has done it all.
“Jean Barton is the one California CattleWomen and ANCW member who really helps keep the rest of us informed. She takes great notes and will put together a summary of the meetings and programs she attends, and then emails them out to her extensive email list of CattleWomen members and other interested people. This is in addition to putting together the California CattleWomen newsletter three time per year, which also includes many highlights of her first-hand accounts from the meeting and event she attended,” writes Cheryl Foster, California CattleWomen president in her nomination letter.
In a second letter of recommendation written by Malorie Bankhead, California CattleWomen member, it states, “With vast leadership history among the cattlewomen, serving as president of the California CattleWomen and beyond, her ability to arrange a crowd for a photo, make someone laugh, or share her stories with everyone, makes her an ideal candidate for this award.”
Jean’s ability to tell a story sets her apart from others. Jeanne Smith, president of the Tehama County CattleWomen, writes, “I personally have been stopped at the grocery story by a ‘city person’ and informed how much they like Jean’s columns and how much they have learned about ranch life from her column.”


Outstanding CattleWomen of the Year

The old adage of “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” could be used to describe the 2018 Outstanding CattleWomen of the Year recipient. Tammi Didlot, Moore, Okla., has made a tremendous impact on the American National CattleWomen, Inc. and its members.

Didlot is not afraid to provide leadership and offer her skills when needed. As a member of the Oklahoma CattleWomen for 17 years, she has served as state treasurer, vice president, and president, as well as serving on every state committee. On the national level, Tammi has held many positions including membership chair, vice president, president elect, and president, as well as serving on the executive committee of the ANCW Foundation. She has provided leadership to the beef cookoff and beef ambassador programs on both the state and national level. Currently, she is the chief financial officer for ANCW and serves as chairperson of the Ways and Means committee.

“Tammi is a hard worker with a go-getter attitude. She is a fighter! This became evident in some of the darkest days ANCW has seen. When the chips were down, Tammi threw her hat back in the ring to do her part to save this worthy organization. Tammi stepped in and took over as chief financial officer of ANCW at no cost to the organization or its members. Her selflessness and financial leadership helped pull ANCW out of the red and into a financially stable organization again,” writes Jill Ginn, ANCW past president, in her nomination letter.
As a third generation cow-calf producer, Didlot has been involved in the beef business her entire life. She has a business degree from Oklahoma State University and has completed the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program. Her giving nature has led her to support several charitable organizations including the Diamond Hats and the Sirloin Club, two organizations that help youth in agriculture.

“The passion Tammi demonstrates for the betterment of the beef industry, whether recruiting members or interacting with consumers, is contagious. She brings people together and inspires involvement through her leadership and enthusiasm,” writes Norita Martin, ANCW and Oklahoma CattleWomen member.

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