March Madness & BEEF?! How’s Your BEEF Bracket?

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Love Basketball? Love Beef?! Well, our resident Instagram pro, Jennie H., has created a March Madness bracket just for you!

It’s not just that craziness surrounding hoops, but also that excitement generated as spring is close and there are so many more options for preparing beef comfortably (hats off to our tundra-grilling Canadians who have grilling as a year-round sport).

Check out the bracket below and then make sure to follow @beefpros instastories to help propel your team to victory.  Those participating (aka voting) will be eligible for random drawings throughout the tournament.  Prizes will vary, but the big winner will receive a package of the winning cut!

Interested in how to cook each of these cuts?  Go check out BEEF It’s What’s for Dinner or Certified Angus Beef (Retail Cuts) or heck, just google the cut for tons of great recipes (well, we are still waiting for a great kidney recipe but who knows, maybe there is an upset getting ready to happen).

We’d love to see pictures of your favorite cuts during this tournament so please feel free to tag @beefpros on Instagram or twitter and use the hashtag #BeefMadness

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