Why We’re Asked Why

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As members of the American National CattleWomen, we are often asked “why, what, how” and then sometimes even a “when.” Why do we do what we do? Why are we cattlewomen? What do we do every day? How do you raise a cow? When your cows get sick, what happens? These questions are just a smidgen of of the questions we’re asked–the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. In this blog, we’d like to give you a little insight into the “Why” we’re cattlewomen.

A long-time CattleWoman once wrote: “A CattleWoman is able and charming. She uses her talent to support the cattle industry and sustain her beliefs. She is friendly, unbiased, adventurous, witty, serious and thoughtful. Many things interest her and she does her best to improve each one.”

Hands-down, that is the answer.

We are a voice for women who share a passion for the beef industry, focusing on Beef Promotion, Education and Development, and Legislation. Most importantly, we are ourselves and that helps us as cattlewomen. We each bring something different to the table; we’re all talented in some form or fashion.

We’re all different, but we all share the same passion: beef.

We’re promoters and public speakers, but we’re also working behind the scenes at fairs, home and garden shows, and other promotional events.  We know how to pick out a cut of beef to suit whatever social event or family gathering you may be hosting. We’re all over social media, sharing our stories, our friends’ stories, and things about the beef community. Because that’s what we are: we are a community.

We’re educators. We know our facts about beef. We know beef recipes (we’ll even share them with you!). We want you to feel comfortable enough to ask us questions. Through sharing our beef story, we hope that you’ll have a better understanding of why we do what we do. We don’t just educate consumers; we also want to educate and empower women. Through our ANCW Women’s Leadership, we offer educational training, networking, and personal and professional growth. The ANCW offers a Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program, allowing collegiate leaders access to leadership opportunities, cattlemen and cattlewomen, and other beef industry professionals. We want future generations of cattlewomen to feel just as empowered as we do!

In the beef community, we take care of each other, especially in desperate times. We’re the helpers; the ones who come together to help those less fortunate and those going who are experiencing difficult times. We raise each other up, because that’s what is important in life; we are the change that we want to see in this world. This is also why we have a vested interest in legislation. The ANCW Legislative Committee works on behalf of all ANCW members all across the country, staying up to date on legislation happening at the state and national levels that may impact our land, our animals and our livelihood.

So yes, the most important thing in life is to be yourself…unless you can be a cattlewoman. Then, we want you to be a cattlewoman.

Do you love cattle? How about agriculture? And do you enjoy being around like-minded people who want to make a difference for future generations of the beef community? Well then, we NEED you! Please consider joining the American National Cattlewomen. There are several types of memberships available, so pick one to suit you!

Joining/Renewing is EASY and you can pay online! Don’t want to pay online? No problem! There’s a membership form also available for printing and mailing. To pay (or renew) your dues, please Join Online or print the membership form.

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