Elisabeth Loseke

My name is Elisabeth Loseke and I’m from a family feedlot and farming operation near Columbus, Nebraska. Beef production has been part of my life since I was born. I spent my first summer of life in a stroller as my parents built pens at our feedyard. I learned number recognition by reading tags as I rode pens in the saddle with my mom. My parents gave me three market heifers when I was eight, and I’ve reinvested my earnings in cattle ever since. I am excited for this investment to pay off as I use it to pay for my veterinary education.

The time for beef producers to share their story is here, and I’m thrilled to serve as a National Beef Advocate. Nebraska is labeled as “The Beef State”, and I’m fortunate to live in and attend the university there. During my time as an Advocate, I’ve served beef samples on my campus, hosted Kindergarteners on my family’s farm to teach them about the origins of their food, and helped raise money for wildfire relief in Kansas.

Unity within the beef industry is something I have focused on. It is imperative that we speak with one clear voice. As I begin veterinary school in the fall, I will stay attentive to the needs of all sectors of the industry and encourage other producers to do the same. After graduation, I plan to serve beef producers as a veterinarian and utilize my education as a tool to be a liaison between producers and legislators to ensure that our voice is heard. There is no other industry like ours, and I’m honored to be a voice for the hard working men and women raising exceptional protein.