Feed them BEEF!

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So, you’re a member of your local and state beef organizations, but you might be struggling with funds within the organization. We want to do things like promote the industry or provide scholarships for youth within our organizations, but funds are a problem. Here’s hoping that after reading this week’s blog, you’ll be inspired to try something different. This week, we’re bringing you a fun idea for fundraising.

Yep, we’re putting the FUN back into fundraising. What better way to raise money for your state and local organizations than to have a cookout? There is nothing better than the smell of steaks on the grill! That charcoal and the sizzle of the beef on the grill will draw in a crowd! 

Let me give you a brief rundown of how we organize a cookout. (I know, you think it’d be simple. It’s not as easy as you’d like to think!).

The photos you see here are from an AKC-sanctioned Beagle Field Trial. All of the competitors are almost as excited about the sandwiches as they are about the field trial itself! This was a private event that we were asked to cater. We’ve also held Steak Sandwich Sales on holidays or as a beef promotion during fall festivals or other celebrations. These fundraisers are also wonderful ways to promote beef as part of a healthy diet. We attempt to keep the supplies as local as possible in an effort to promote local businesses and keep costs down. We work with our local grocery store, where the butcher slices the ribeye steaks thinly. Think somewhere along the lines of a Philly Steak style, but a whole steak.  The steaks marinate while the coals get just right, but we don’t sit around waiting.

It takes a crew to prepare for this, so make sure you have plenty of volunteers. The size of the event determines how many volunteers we will need. Volunteers don’t just come in on the day of the event, but they also come in the form of preparing for the actual fundraiser and by donating items needed for the sale.

If we’re catering an event, we’ll usually provide sides such as baked beans, potato salad, chips and a sweet treat, along with a drink. If it’s a grill-out sale, we’ll keep it a little simpler with chips, a sweet treat and a canned drink. While some makes sure that the grill is ready, others work together to prepare the baked beans and complete as much prep work for the plates as possible. Grill-out fundraisers are a little different. We try to pre-sell and advertise beforehand by using social media and our local newspapers, radio stations and word of mouth. It’s easy to pre-sell these plates, because they generally sell themselves! It’s also very easy to slip in educational material or talk about the health benefits of beef when people are waiting to pay for their plates.


When those steaks hit the grill, that sizzle is AHmazing! You can’t turn around or move too far away, because it doesn’t take long for them to cook; maybe 3 minutes on each side. You’d be surprised at how many people you can draw in just from the aroma of that grill! Of course, one of the perks of being the grillmaster (or mistress ;)) is making sure that those steaks are perfect for the sandwiches.

We’ve tailored our grill-outs from hamburgers and hotdogs to chili with cornbread, but nothing has been as successful as the ribeye steak sandwich. Take the things that you know how to do well and see if you can’t turn it into a FUNdraiser. Whether your organization is catering an event or looking to sell on a larger scale, your options are available.

It just goes to show that no matter what you’re grilling, as long as it’s BEEF, it’s definitely a winner!

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