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Have you seen the new steak emoji?  We have AND we LOVE it!

To celebrate, we’re having an Instagram contest!

  1. Take your favorite photo (or a photo that will be great with the addition of a steak emoji).
  2. Edit the photo to include the steak emoji somewhere in it.
  3. Tag @beefpros on Insta (or @beefpros on Twitter)
  4. Hashtag #SteakEmoji
  5. Post on Instagram and/or twitter to be eligible for fun prizes!

Contest ends midnight PST 11/6/2017.

Not sure how to put emojis into pictures? Region I Director Jennie Hodgen recently created a fun new photo. Read on for her short tutorial.

iPhone Users

Inserting emojis from within your photo album.

  1. Click on your photo in the album.
  2. Click on “edit” at the top right corner
  3. Click on the circle with the 3 dots
  4. Click on Markup
  5. Click on the blue circle with the plus sign
  6. Click on Text
  7. I think it’s easiest at this point to resize- so click on the AA. Slide the circle to the size you want the emoji (you can fix this later too). Click outside of the box to close it
  8. Click on the word between the 2 blue circles to edit. Sometimes the word edit comes up and you can push edit.  I also like to drag the box at this time too to where it should go.  This can be done after step 11 as well.
  9. Backspace to remove the word text
  10. Go to your emojis on the keyboard
  11. Add emoji (steak or burger or cow)
  12. Click on Done at the top

This is likely the easiest option but is not convenient for resizing the emoji.

There are a lot of apps that will allow you to do this that are a little easier than working in the edit portion of: Canva, Fontamania, Word Swag, PhotoShop, etc.

Fun with the new Steak emoji as designed in Fontamania


  1. Open app
  2. Insert photo by clicking on the image word and scrolling through your album to find the perfect picture
  3. We recommend resizing the photo to the square size now and clicking on the check mark but you can leave it the regular size.
  4. Click the pink arrow to go back to all the options
  5. Click on text
  6. Toggle to the emojis on your keyboard
  7. Add the steak emoji
  8. Resize and move to the appropriate place.
  9. All done!

We look forward to seeing your #SteakEmoji posts!

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