Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

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As a whole, we have so much for which we are thankful. We live in a time where it’s commonplace to share our feelings, photos, thoughts and opinions on social media. Today, we’re sharing what makes us thankful, grateful and blessed. These are the things that make us real. A few days ago, I asked our executive team to send me ideas and things for this blog. It’s interesting, because we’re pretty much all thankful for the same things. So without further ado, here’s our list of things, people and places that make us extra thankful this time of the year (and throughout the year).

Region Directors

Jennie Hodgen is thankful for the consumers who buy meat in the grocery stores. Meat that comes from her family’s cattle and 683,000 other family farms in America.

Kasey Wallace says she’s thankful for a lot, but at this time in her life, she’s most thankful for her camera. “I think of photography as therapy,” she says. “I love rural life. I love agriculture. I love capturing moments of both. When I’m behind my camera, I have no fear and I’m at peace.”

Debbie Gill is most thankful for her grandkids, her husband (whom she says can do anything!), and their life in agriculture.

Pam Griffin says that she’s most thankful that she gets to be outdoors, come rain, shine or snow to see the beauty while tending cattle.

Executive Officers

President Penny Zimmerman is thankful for family, and the freedom to worship our God through whatever religion we believe.

President-elect Gwen Geis is grateful for her family; she’s also thankful for a very special woman, fellow ANCW member (and ANCW Past President), Susie Magnuson.Gwen is also thankful for Big Horn Mountains, livestock and beef, Devil’s Tower and the country where we live.

Past President Ann Nogan is thankful for momma cows, blue skies and green grass, family, youth interested in a future for the ag industry and cattlewomen, for being friends in the beef industry.


As for me, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do this; to work with different cattlemen and cattlewomen from across our great nation, to empower others to share their stories and inspire future leaders. The awesome thing about being a member of the ANCW is that we all live in different parts of America, but we all have the same passion…BEEF.

Let me just tell y’all that we, as American National CattleWomen, are the embodiment of  “extra.” We’re surrounded by great female role models and leaders, ready to go the “extra” mile. We’re blessed by the “extra” incredible bond that we have over one commonality: passion. We develop these incredible friendships that span the country and beyond. We have a network of support in times of loss and triumph alike. There’s hope. There’s love. There’s a bond there unlike any other. We’re most thankful for the ones who participate in Every aspect of agriculture. We are grateful for our fellow farmers and ranchers. We’re amazed and in awe of the scientists who are researching new ways to make our products better. We’re exceptionally thankful for YOU, the consumer, who keeps supporting the industry. But most of all, we’re forever grateful to the men and women who have chosen to serve our country and for their families. For these things (and so much more) we’re thankful, grateful, and blessed.

This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Happiest of Thanksgivings from our team to you and your families.

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