Featured Member – Celeste Settrini

Perhaps the Celeste we know today as the articulate media guru got her start as a three year old when she was on the cover of FARM AND RANCH MAGAZINE with her dad Gus Settrini. Together they were advocating the eating of BEEF FOR FATHER’S DAY, a promotion through the Cattlemen’s Association and often carried out by local, state, and national Cowbelles.

Fast forward to the all-girls Catholic high school she attended, a school where there was no FFA so Celeste created the AGRICULTURE CLUB. This club encouraged fellow ranch kids to join together to tell the rest of the school about ranch life and why it was so important.

While president of California Women for Agriculture, Celeste teamed up with the California CattleWomen encouraging a joint meeting where both groups could be one voice for agriculture.

According to Marianne Madson, President Monterey County CattleWomen, “You can find Celeste at various events throughout the United States ‘Celebrating the American Rancher’ and sharing her story. Whether her audience is Nebraska Women in Ag, the Utah Farm Bureau, or the Farm and Forestry Alliance in Minnesota, Celeste represents the beef industry with pride and professionalism. Interviews on the California drought and beef production can be heard on RFDTV and on radio stations throughout the Mid-West.”

Celeste makes weekly social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sharing the story of beef whether it is through her themes of “Calf Watch,” “Through the Eyes of a Baby Calf,” or Life on the Ranch.” One of Sheila Bowen’s, Past President California CattleWomen, favorites occurred when “Celeste found a sick calf and she had to bring it in to be doctored and monitored. She rigged a special sled on the back of her quad to carry the calf with momma cow following closely behind. Follow-up posts with the “Rest of the Story” extended the interest and learning for her audience.”

Bill Dale, Executive Director of California Beef Council, shares, “As a Master of Beef Advocacy program graduate, Celeste has been a popular resource for both agricultural publications as a contributing writer, and agricultural organizations as a guest speaker. Her messaging to farmers and ranchers is that we all have a positive story to tell and ‘we need to celebrate the good that we are doing.’”

A few years ago Celeste was the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association representative for the United States Farmer and Ranchers Alliance during their time in Hollywood, visiting with food writers, chefs, and consumers. Last year she was the Marketing Ambassador for NCBA at the Cattle Industry Convention in San Diego.

Celeste’s creativity is expressed through CS Connections, a boutique graphic design and promotion business she owns. Her day-to-day life is shared with Brother John as they manage their 101 year-old family cow/calf operation in the Salinas Valley foothills.

California’s Celeste is a unique, caring, bubbly individual with a strong passion for agriculture.