Featured Member – Beth Anderson – Utah


Being raised as the youngest of four girls and one son gave me many opportunities to fall in love with ranching and hard work.  Our ranch has been in the family for 130 years. I am the fifth generation. Our oasis of Callao, UT at the edge of the salt flats on the Overland Stage & Pony Express trail (we still have the station here on the ranch) didn’t have any electricity until 1972. In 1986 we got telephones. Today we have internet, Wi-Fi, and all of the amenities of a big city, except pavement, gas stations, grocery stores and cell service.

I met my husband Don at Utah State University my second year of college. He completed his BS and MS in Ag & Irrigation and he worked in Engineering for 15 years before we moved back to the ranch. We have four sons, Russel (Kim & Joslyn), Wayne (Lacy), Newel (Jessie, Evelyn & Amelie), Grant and our daughter Marci. We moved back to the ranch when Russ was 14. The kids grew up way too soon!  Russel & Newel have a construction business in Salt Lake City, UT. Marci works for them after working with her degree in Social Work for four years. Wayne & Lacy work at Great Basin National Park in Baker, NV.  In 2011 Grant moved back to the ranch to be the next generation. He drowned that August at Flaming Gorge. We forge forward with the help of our Heavenly Father, faith and family. Our children, extended family and great neighbors help us ever so much. Cherish every memory!

Eight years ago, at my second Utah CattleWomen meeting, I was elected as a 2nd Vice President. As Pres. Elect my slogan won the state contest, “Educating Generations for the Future”. As President we were able to get the Utah Beef Ambassador program restarted. We also started an all Utah CattleWomen Team Beef. I work on our website and Facebook page and just finished being the membership chair.

It was also eight years ago that I was introduced to ANCW with the Region VI meeting Utah hosted. In 2011 Melanie Fowle, Gwen Geis and I helped pull together the WIGGY (Wildly Important Goals go Yahoo) membership program. You’re welcome.  Patti Buck asked me to chair the new Membership & Communications committee in 2013. You will never meet any better, more genuine, knowledgeable, passionate women than a CattleWoman. I so appreciate all of the friendships with these great ladies.

Do I feel like I excel in these areas? No. I would much rather be out on a tractor, in my garden, or in the field than in traffic, in a meeting, or on the computer. I love the sense of accomplishment when canning or filling the stack yard. I love the wonder of each new calf born and how quickly they stand and get their first meal. I love my sunsets, sunrises, close mountains and bright stars of the milkyway. I love the cycle of the seasons and the new beginnings each spring. You can’t witness the miracles of life and not know that we have a loving Heavenly Father.

Family, Faith and a great legacy of ranching provide the strength we need to carry forward.

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