Featured Member – Royalee Rhoads – Minnesota

What’s your passion? My passion is Beef!

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to go with my dad for the day to check pastures, go to the sale barn, do chores, etc. We have a home movie of me in my coveralls and I am only 3 or 4 years old out in a lot with market steers ready to go to market.  My beef passion started during those days I spent with my dad on the Kansas/Nebraska border.  You know, how you have this plan of how your life will go, well it doesn’t always happen that way.  Unfortunately, the ag economy wasn’t very good when I graduated from college. After graduation, my career path did not involve my passion for beef, but my desire to work in agriculture never left me.

Your passion is always inside of you and when the time is right, God’s plan comes together.  I moved to Minnesota about 9 years ago, and found a way to still enjoy the cattle shows I loved.  One year when I was at the Minnesota Beef Expo, I ended up visiting the Minnesota CattleWomen’s booth which started an incredible journey.  I joined the Minnesota CattleWomen and became active by regularly attending meetings and events.  For a regional meeting, I was asked to pick up the ANCW President at that time, Melanie Fowle, from the airport. This amazing woman asked me where I saw myself in ANCW in 5 years and I said I would like to get more involved at the national level. Melanie asked me, “how would you like to help with the collegiate?”  Hmm, ok. The next year, I was volunteering at the national level and have been coordinating the collegiate roundtable at the national convention for 3 years now. I have met so many incredible women and developed so many wonderful friendships through ANCW all throughout the United States.  I know these women will always be there for me, supporting, encouraging and of course having fun!

This incredible journey continues and now I have my dream job. I get to promote beef all the time! I currently work for the Minnesota Beef Council as the Director of Industry Relations and am honored to promote beef on behave of all the Minnesota Beef Farmers and Ranchers in the state of Minnesota. I always say I get the best of both worlds in my job.  I am responsible for producer communication, so I get to work with the farmers and ranchers and another part of my job is to work with retail and foodservice companies to help drive more beef sales.  My job literally takes me from farm to fork.   Beef is what’s for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!