Leadership Certification Program


As the largest organization for women involved in and supportive of the beef cattle industry, ANCW is poised to provide a unique leadership development training program for current and incoming state leaders. By offering practical and useful tools that are easily applied to state associations, this program will strengthen the ties between our national association and state groups through both the information shared in direct instruction as well as the networking among the participants.

To earn the ANCW Leadership Certificate, just think 3-2-1:

Attend THREE in-person classes

Complete TWO online classes

Attend ONE industry webinar

Leadership Certificate Program Pamphlet


Three In-Person Classes

These classes are generally held at the summer business meeting held annually in Denver, CO. (However, a state association or a region can request that a class is presented at one of their meetings. Contact the Program Director for more information).

  • ANCW Basics
    • This fast-paced class is an introduction to the ANCW organization: its policies, bylaws, committees, projects, and how we conduct business. Attendees receive valuable reference materials in multiple formats, insights into the organization’s functions and programs, and an inspiring learning experience.
  • Meeting Management
    • The business of an organization doesn’t happen randomly. This class provides an interactive, hands-on approach to planning and running a highly productive meeting.
  • Beef Promotion and Advocacy
    • An engaging and fun experience for each participant, this class explores what “agvocacy” looks like in the busy real world, and how women are uniquely qualified to promote beef-from the meat case to the boardroom.


Two Online Classes

Beef Quality Assurance –¬†https://www.bqa.org/

Beef Quality Assurance is a national program that raises consumer confidence by training in proper management techniques and supporting a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry. BQA certification can be achieved online in a self-paced, interactive format and at no cost.



Masters of Beef Advocacy –¬†http://www.beef.org/mastersofbeefadvocacy.aspx

The “Masters of Beef Advocacy” is the other online course required for the ANCW Leadership Certification Program. Like the BQA mentioned above, this is an online, self-paced class offered free of charge. The check-off funded MBA program is a self-directed training program to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry.




One Webinar Participation 

Many informative webinars are offered by ANCW throughout the year. Log on to our Members Only section to view one of these interesting presentations to complete your certification requirements!



Program Director

Dr. Suzanne Menges

Having served as president of her state cattlewomen’s association and as a ANCW Region Director, Dr. Menges holds a masters degree in education administration and a doctoral degree in education leadership with an emphasis in adult learning. In addition to her career in public education, she led a leadership development program for a mining company for several years and has provided countless workshops for agricultural organizations. Contact her at colsaf2008@gmail.com.

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