MOOVE Membership Contest


Are you ready for a little friendly competition? Will your cattlewomen’s organization win this year’s fabulous 1 st place prize valued at $1,500? Interested in learning more about what the MOOVE contest is?

MOOVE stands for Make Our Outstanding Value Evident! Make your organization’s value evident to potential members by expanding your organizations reach. Through this contest, your state will focus on its work to promote beef, while growing and expanding a bit. What does that look like you ask? Here’s the guidelines to use for meeting the winning criteria. You will provide data showing your state’s growth on the Final Contest Form. Each criteria’s associated points will be added to determine 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners!

Criteria A: Grow your state organization’s membership. To be flexible you can establish your base to the date that works for you. Maybe it was December, maybe it is March 31…where ever your base can be established, do it. Once you’ve determined when in your fiscal year your membership is highest, calculate your percentage increase compared to the same date the previous year. Goal 1% increase.

Criteria B: How about state membership in the ANCW? You will work to increase the number of ANCW members from your state. Monthly updates will be available through us to allow you to see your progress. The contest has established a March 1 membership base for ANCW membership growth. Each state has been listed on a spreadsheet. Goal is 1% increase.

Criteria C: Host one ANCW event. Ideas include hosting ANCW’s Women’s Ranching Symposium, regional meeting, ANCW booth or section in your state’s booth at state fair. If your wondering is something qualifies, drop us a line!

Criteria D: As an affiliate of ANCW, it is important that your state stay informed of what is happening in the national cattlewomen’s organization. Have a member (or five) attend the ANCW regional, mid-year or annual meetings.

Highlight a State or Local Activity: ANCW rests on three pillars: Legislative, Beef Promotion, and Youth. Under each category list as many activities as you like for local and state. This is your opportunity to document your great ideas and share them with others. Can you feel the inspiration?

Extra points will be awarded for the following activities:
1. Add an associate member.
2. Add a collegiate member. The ANCW is building its collegiate cattlewomen program. If you don’t have a group in your state, we can help you develop one!
3. Add a junior member. The ANCW is building its junior cattlewomen program. If you don’t have a group in your state, we can help you develop one!
4. Add a lifetime member.
5. Submit #beefpros post and explanation to one of our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be given at the Cattle Industry Convention in New Orleans at the end of January 2020. To sign up, fill out the application on our website. Send entry forms and questions to Select someone in your state to keep your application “growing” as the year progresses. Let’s have some fun growing our organizations!

Contest Forms

MOOVE Contest Guidelines 2019

2019 MOOVE Contest Registraion Form

MOOVE End of Year Form 2019