Take Time to Say “Thank You”

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Extra! Extra! It’s a BEEFMoos Special Alert!

It never hurts to say “Thank You.” It never hurts to show your appreciation. As a matter of fact, we’re taught from a young age to use our manners and say “Please” and “Thank You.”

It’s no secret that today’s society tends to focus more on negative topics. Too often, we tend to see the bad before we see the good.

That’s why it’s important for us to focus on the GOOD things that are happening. Ag media and social media have another idea: show appreciation for the support that agriculture has received. As agriculture advocates, it’s our job to increase the positive message about agriculture. We must “agvocate” and use social media to our advantage!

The Animal Agriculture Alliance recently held their annual Stakeholders Summit, themed “Connect to Protect Animal Ag,” where they hosted Tim McIntyre of Domino’s as a guest speaker. McIntyre spoke on Domino’s refusal to give in to the demands of animal activists. As is the tendency, activists launched negative campaigns, increasing the scrutiny from animal rights organizations.

This is where YOU come in, folks. We’re challenging you to promote what’s GOOD in our world and use social media for spreading a positive message about agriculture.

The ANCW encourages you to say “Thank You” to Domino’s Pizza for standing up for our farmers and ranchers. Let’s show Domino’s how much we appreciate their support! We’re joining with The Animal Ag Alliance and encouraging everyone to order a Domino’s pizza tomorrow, June 2, for lunch (or dinner) and post it on social media using the hashtag #FarmersThankDominos and tagging @dominos.

Please join us in sending a positive message, loud and clear. Thank you, Domino’s for supporting our livelihood!

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