The First Heifer

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Minnie the moo cowThe story of Minnie the Moo Cow, as told by ANCW Region III Director Kasey Wallace.


As a birthday present to their grandchildren, my parents have registered a heifer calf in each of the grandchildren’s names for their first birthday.  Shortly after my daughter, H-Boo, turned one in 2015, we visited my family farm. My dad had told me about a calf that was recently born with a distinct white circle around her ear.

With my camera in hand, H-Boo and I ventured out to see the newborn babies. We spotted the calf that my dad spoke of—the white birthmark was very unique and could be easily spotted. Before we left to travel home, we decided that she would be H-Boo’s first heifer.

Once H-Boo started talking, she would refer to her calf as her “Moo Cow.” Every time she talks to her calf, it’s “my baby Moo Cow.” When we visit my parents in Missouri, we hop in the Ranger and drive to the pasture to see her. H-Boo turned three in October and she still loves talking about her baby Moo Cow; so much so that we named her Minnie.

Minnie is set to have a baby this Spring. H-Boo is aware of this. We talk about how her Moo Cow is going to have a baby and she will then have two Moo Cows. She tells me that her Moo Cow has a baby in her tummy.  She is only three years old and it simply amazes me how quickly she picks up on things.

Her excitement for cows makes my heart happy. It shows me that she is interested and is proud to be a part of something much bigger that just herself. Being able to start teaching my girls about the cattle industry is important to me. It’s preparing them for the future and sharing the life I love with them.

Update – Minnie had a bull calf and H-Boo is a very proud cattlewoman!


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