Why Join ANCW?

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Why should I join ANCW?” This is a question we as cattlewomen hear whenever we are recruiting. “Why should I join? Why do you need me? I’m only one person; I can’t make that much of a difference.

Let’s talk about that.

Where We Started.

Let’s start with a little history of the ANCW. In 1952, a group of cattlewomen had the foresight to create an organization so that their individual voices could be united for a stronger, louder national voice. Since then, this united voice has had a major impact on consumers, politicians, and other cattle producers within the United States.

What We Do

As a member of the ANCW, you are a part of a national organization and part of a professional networking group dedicated to consumer education, legislative interests, beef promotion and leadership development. We focus not only on educating consumers, but also empowering women to become strong leaders within their own communities through our ANCW Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program and the Leadership Development Program.

Who We Are

The American National CattleWoman is a strong, enthusiastic woman. She is willing to stand up for her beliefs. She is a volunteer, giving her time and pouring her energy into her passion. She is a businesswoman, she loves supporting agriculture. She’s as at home on a ranch as she is at a social gathering, a business meeting or a legislative function. She doesn’t have to own cattle, but she has an appreciation of the cattle industry and America’s strong agricultural heritage. She strives to promote these industries, and educate the consumer about our livelihood.

She is You!

You’re the next American National CattleWoman. You are the difference because you want to leave your little piece of Earth better than you found it; because you want to educate consumers about choosing beef as part of a healthy diet, but also because you want to promote the industry and our livelihood. You are the difference because you care.


Join today!

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