Dr. Mark Lyons gives personalized message for the American National CattleWomen, Inc.

Dr. Lourens Havenga, CEO Multimin USA gives personalized message for the American National CattleWomen, Inc.


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Our spring issue is one you won't want to miss! With details on the results of our much anticipated 2021 Global Feed Survey, tips for stretching protein supplies in times of market volatility, farrowing barn guidance, and a whole lot more, you're sure to find useful information in the pages ahead.

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 Yes, there is a “real” Joy in The Joy of Membership.

Founder & CEO Joy Duling has been working with leaders of associations, trade groups and nonprofits since 2005.

I think it is fair to say that this week’s guest is the perfect example of an association leader whose work reflects a lifelong passion.  Evelyn Greene grew up on a farm in Alabama.  Her family’s beef operation was in the largest beef-producing county for that state. Since 1982, she has been involved in the support and management of her family farm. She is married to a professor of Animal Sciences with a specialization in Beef Cattle Nutrition. She has served in every possible role for the Alabama Cattlewomen’s Association and today, she is President Elect for the American National Cattlewomen’s Association.

She - and really every person that I’ve interacted with at ANCW - are incredibly passionate about the work, so I invited her here today to talk about how ANCW is being helpful to members and bring value to their industry.


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