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American National Cattlewomen (ANCW) is an association with a tremendous history and successful record of positively promoting beef and the Beef Industry.

In 1952, cattlewomen had the foresight to organize so that their individual messages would unite to have a strong national voice. This national voice has had impact on consumers, politicians and other cattle producers all over the United States since then.

By joining ANCW, members become part of a professional networking group that keeps up to date on the issues related to the beef industry, which includes consumer education, promotion ideas and legislative items of interest.

Today, ANCW continues to impact Beef Promotion, Legislation, and Education and Development! In addition to the active ANCW programs, as a member you benefit by having:

  • Access to information from our industry partners, involved in legislative and regulatory action, in a timely manner.
  • The infrastructure of a national organization with key staff that supports all those volunteers and ANCW programs for the benefit of the beef industry.
  • In addition to a strong national organization - you may join an affiliated state and or local organization in over 27 states to help implement the ANCW programs plus other state programs for the benefit of the beef industry.
  • The opportunity to network with women who share the passion for the beef industry and their way of life.

What does today’s CattleWoman “look like”?

An American National CattleWoman is a strong, enthusiastic woman, willing to stand up for what she believes in.

She is equally at home on a ranch, in a meeting, at a social function, or a legislative venue.

She is not necessarily a farm or ranch woman, but she is someone who strongly supports the cattle industry and America’s Agricultural heritage through education and promotion.


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