Evelyn Greene, Alabama

Evelyn Greene from Auburn, Alabama grew up on an agriculture farm in Cullman County, Alabama. Growing up on a diversified farm with cattle, sweet potatoes, corn, and soybeans gave her the value of hard work. Her family’s beef operation was in the largest beef producing county in Alabama, and this is where she gained her passion for the industry. She is a beef advocate and beef promoter. She was involved with 4-H in her elementary and high school years. Since 1982, she has been the support and management of her family farm – row crop and cow/calf operation.

She is married to Wayne Greene, Ph.D., P.A.S. Professor and Head Animal Sciences at Auburn University and a specialist in Beef Cattle Nutrition.

Evelyn has a diverse background in many capacities and leadership roles through her community, county, state and national levels as a cattlewoman with over 25 years of actively serving the beef industry. She has served in all the officer positions for Cullman Co. Cattlewomen’s Association. She is currently serving with Lee Co. Cattlewomen’s and Cattlemen’s Associations. She also has served in all the officer roles of the Alabama Cattlewomen’s Association and became President in 2011. She has served as Secretary 2010, National Beef Cook-Off Committee (2008-2011), Chair National Beef Cook-Off Committee (2012-2014), Chair Board of Directors (2012-2016), Collegiate Beef Advocacy Program manager (2016 – 2018), Vice President (2018) and President Elect (2019) for the American National Cattlewomen’s Association.

Evelyn is an alumnus of the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program and is Beef Quality Assurance certified. During her professional career of 30 years, she was a certified Optician and office manager of a growing Optometry Practice in Cullman, Al. After retiring from her professional career, she continues the passion she grew up with farming and agriculture. To her, the beef community is a snapshot of all things that have made America great. She is driven by her passion for the industry to strive for excellence.

Reba Mazak, Florida

Reba Mazak is a fifth generation Florida cattle rancher. She grew up on a ranch in Geneva, Florida and later moved to Sumter County, Florida where she resides today. She married her late husband, Paul Mazak, when she was eighteen years old. Together, Paul and Reba started and grew their own cattle operation. Reba owns approximately 300 commercial cow/calf pairs spread between her ranch in Sumter County, Florida and Uvalde, Texas. Aside from the cattle operation, Reba owns a limerock mine in Central Florida and a manages a hunting program in Southwest Texas.

Reba has been a part of the Florida CattleWomen, formerly known as the Cowbelles for more than 40 years. She has held all offices at the state level and served as state President in 2004, where she spoke to the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry about the Beef Check Off. She currently serves on the Florida CattleWomen Convention Committee.

Reba served on the Silent Action Committee, the Ways and Means Committee and the Executive Board for American National CattleWomen. She has also completed the Masters of Beef Advocacy Program, was a part of the first class to graduate from ANCW Women’s Leadership Program in 2018 and is BQA certified.

In her spare time, Reba enjoys spending time with her two daughters and their spouses, Rebecca and Grant Handley and Audra and Wes Platt, and her three grandsons Mayland, Myles and Warren. She enjoys ranching and promoting the beef industry.

Pam Griffin, Arizona

Pamela was born in Anaheim, California surrounded by strawberry fields and orange groves. In 1974, the family moved to Arizona, landing in Carefree. Both parents left agricultural roots. Her father’s family ran a farming and meat operation, and her mother’s side ran the family’s grain operation. Pamela grew up on what she considers a hobby farm. As an adult, she worked in the legal field as well as commercial and residential real estate development.

In 2008, she met her husband John Griffin. They live on Griffin family’s third-generation 110-year-old cow/calf operation, Griffin Cattle Ranch and started their own cow/calf operation, X4 Cattle Company, LLC. Together, they are pursuing the custom beef industry.

She has served in numerous capacities, including: Gila County Cowbelles President, Arizona State Cowbelles President, Board Member of Arizona Cattle Industry Research and Education Foundation, Board Member- Gila County and Arizona State Cattle Growers, and past honorary member of the Arizona Beef Council Board.

Pamela currently serves as ANCW Vice President, Arizona Farm Service Agency Chairman, Gila County Planning and Zoning Commissioner, Board of Director – Arizona State Cowbelles, Director- Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation, a member of the Arizona Department of Agriculture President’s Advisory Council. She is a graduate of Project CENTRL for Arizona Rural Leadership Class XXIII. In 2019, she was the inaugural recipient of the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Arizona Woman Rancher awarded by Governor Doug Ducey.

Pamela believes that her involvement in the cattle industry comes with larger obligations and responsibilities, including learning from others, staying up-to-date on current events and becoming an active advocate in the industry by sharing her voice. She is truly humbled by and thankful for the opportunities that have presented themselves along her journey and the people who have mentored and welcomed her along the way.

ANCW’s 2021 Executive Committee

  • President: Evelyn Greene – Alabama
  • President-Elect: Reba Mazak – Florida
  • Vice President: Pam Griffin – Arizona
  • Recording Secretary: Desta Crawford – Secretary
  • Business Manager: Jill Worthington – Oklahoma
  • CFO: Tammi Didlot – Oklahoma
  • Past President: Wanda Pinnow – Montana
  • Region I Director: Jodi Jordan – Indiana
  • Region II Director: Debbie Gill – Florida
  • Region III Director: Debbie Chute – Minnesota
  • Region IV Director: Ruth Coffey – Oklahoma
  • Region V Director: Angela Whitlock – Wyoming
  • Region VI Director: Nikki Weston – Utah
  • Region VII Director: Shirley Thompson – South Dakota
  • Chair of the Board of Directors: Sheila Bowen – California
  • Parliamentarian: Lana Slaten – Alabama

ANCW Past Presidents 1952-2019

  • 1952 – Mary Louise Lynman, Kansas
  • 1953 – Mattie Cowman, Arizona
  • 1954 – Marian Guthrie, California
  • 1955 – Arlene Watt, Wyoming
  • 1956 – Anna Dressler, Nevada
  • 1957 – Thelma Trego, Nebraska
  • 1958 – Yodie Burghart, Colorado
  • 1959 – Clelie Dekle, Louisiana
  • 1960 – Betty Smith, Oklahoma
  • 1961 – Azile Garrison, Montana
  • 1962 – Lois Claridge, Arizona
  • 1963 – Marie Tyler, North Dakota
  • 1964 – Ida Paxton, Nebraska
  • 1965 – Lourinda Wines, Nevada
  • 1966 – Viola Gouldin, Oregon
  • 1967 – Delores Finney, Oklahoma
  • 1968 – Maxine Larsen, Idaho
  • 1969 – Elizabeth Johnson, Wyoming
  • 1970 – Pat Stevenson, Arizona
  • 1971 – Florence Giorgi, California
  • 1972 – Phyllis Connolly, North Dakota
  • 1973 – Mary Kay Woodard, Ohio
  • 1974 – Irene Hoyt, Utah
  • 1975 – LaVonne Ater, Louisiana
  • 1976 – Evelyn Smith, Oregon
  • 1977 – Lucille Stone, Arizona
  • 1978 – Marie Holz, Iowa
  • 1979 – Rose Harris, Washington
  • 1980 – Connie Townsend, Montana
  • 1981 – Ann Woolley, Oklahoma
  • 1982 – June Bradley, Colorado
  • 1983 – Jo Berschet, Ohio
  • 1984 – Natalie McElroy, North Dakota
  • 1985 – Frances Owen, Texas
  • 1986 – Betty Bergner, Wyoming
  • 1987 – Gerda Hyde, Oregon
  • 1988 – Dorothy Vaugan, New Mexico
  • 1989 – Jeanette Barthle, Florida
  • 1990 – Jane Lindgren, Montana
  • 1991 – Phyllis Rothleutner, Nebraska
  • 1992 – Wilma Ackerman, Kansas
  • 1993 – Becky Terry, Texas
  • 1994 – Eleanore Jones, Wyoming
  • 1995 – Marilyn Weber, Colorado
  • 1996 – Betty Grum, Ohio
  • 1997 – Nancy Forth, Oregon
  • 1998 – Mary Henzel, Oklahoma/Kansas
  • 1999 – Janice Conley, Nevada
  • 2000 – Kay Snyder, South Dakota
  • 2001 – Judy LaGrone, Arkansas
  • 2002 – Vicki Wilkinson, Arizona
  • 2003 – Patti Townsend, New Mexico/Oklahoma
  • 2004 – Susie Magnuson, Colorado
  • 2005 – Marlene Strickland, Florida
  • 2006 – Nancy Sterling Neuhauser, South Dakota
  • 2007 – Wendy Petz, Arkansas
  • 2008 – Fita Witte, New Mexico
  • 2009 – Kristy Lage, Nebraska
  • 2010 – Lana Slaten, Alabama
  • 2011 – Jill Ginn, Texas
  • 2012 – Tammi Didlot, Oklahoma
  • 2013 – Barbara Jackson, Arizona
  • 2014 – Patti Buck, Colorado
  • 2015 – Melanie Fowle, California
  • 2016 – Ann Nogan, Pennsylvania
  • 2017 – Penny Zimmerman, Minnesota
  • 2018 – Gwen Geis, Wyoming
  • 2019 – Wanda Pinnow, Montana


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