Date: 2/19/2015

Title: Eng Scholarship

For Immediate Release:  February 12, 2015

Contact: Kathryn G. Carruth, ANCW Executive Director-303-850-3341


Dr Eng Grant Awarded


San Antonio, Texas: During the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention, Dr. Kenneth and Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation generously awarded Dr. Sara Linneen, Ph.D. with a $15,000 grant.


The Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation was established in memory and as a legacy to Caroline who loved life, cattle and cattle people, and as an avenue to help future scholars while enhancing beef cattle research. Any American National CattleWomen (ANCW) member who is doing research in an area which benefits the betterment of beef production may apply for the grant.

The recipient of this inaugural grant was Dr. Sara Linneen, Ph.D. She is an Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Penn State University.  She applied with the collaboration of Dr. Jessica Williamson, a Field and Forage Crop Specialist, and Mr. Ben Williamson an Applied Livestock Lecturer also from Penn State.

Dr. Eng said, “I’m pleased that Dr. Sarah Linneen received our Foundation award. It sounds like an interesting research project she plans to pursue and I’m sure Caroline would have been proud of her.

“I’m very happy the way this project developed and will definitely plan to fund a similar project for ANCW next year.”


Linneen received the grant for a three year study on the ‘Effects of Grazing Management and Monensin on Cow-Calf Production and Pasture Production’. Linneen will use sixty-four Angus based spring-calving pairs on a sixty four-acre tract. The area will be split into eight (2 replications/treatment) paddocks each totaling 8 acres, all of similar species composition. Monensin will be administered through loose mineral at the rate of 200 mg per cow per day and pairs on the rotation treatment will be rotated through two acre pastures every seven days. Linneen’s hypothesis is that using the combination of rotation grazing and Monensin will increase animal and pasture productivity and performance.

Linneen says, “The generous support of this project is enabling myself and my collaborators to initiate our professional and personal goals of growing the cattle industry, but more importantly in our effect to support producers with valuable information on maximizing resource utilization.  I feel so fortunate and grateful to be a member of ANCW, and to have received this distinguished award from them.”

Barbra Jackson, past ANCW president said, “ANCW is thrilled that the Eng foundation has provided ANCW members with this tremendous opportunity!  The structure of this grant allows for our members to get creative and bring innovative ideas forth.  We’re excited to see what our members will propose in the applications and how generous this gift will be used to help women working in the beef industry.”

The applications were reviewed by a committee of ANCW members.


Since 1952, the American National CattleWomen, Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization, has used its grassroots volunteer energy to engage and educate consumers about beef and the beef industry.
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Date: 2/19/2015

Title: Fowle Named National President

2015 American National CattleWomen President from California


San Antonio, Tex.-Melanie Fowle has been elected the 64th President of the American National CattleWomen, Inc.(ANCW) during the organization’s 2015 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Tex. ANCW is an alliance for women who support and promote the beef industry.


Fowle and her husband are California cattle ranchers from Siskiyou, California, who raise registered Angus and Hereford cattle with a focus on range bulls.  Passionate about the beef industry, Fowle has spent countless hours volunteering for the betterment of the beef industry.  She has served as President of American Hereford Women, Siskiyou County CattleWomen and California CattleWomen. They run the farm with their son, Jeff, daughter-in-law Erin and grandson Kyle.
We look forward to working with Melanie in her new role as ANCW President,” said NCBA President Phillip Ellis. “The ANCW and NCBA partnership has resulted in many positive outcomes for the beef industry.”


Fowle said “I’m a team player and view leadership as questioning, listening and gently guiding the team to a decision that mirrors the needs of the membership.”  


ANCW’s 2014 Executive Committee members are: President, Melanie Fowle, CA; President-Elect, Ann Nogan, PA; Vice President, Penny Zimmerman, MN; Recording Secretary, Sheila Bowen, CA; Past President, Patti Buck, CO; Region I Director, Kayla Alexander, OH; Region II Director, Emily Dent, AL; Region III Director, TBD; Region IV Director, Desta Crawford, TX; Region V Director, Jeannie Kiehn, WA; Region VI Director, Tammie McElroy, AZ; Region VII Director, Sharon Kickertz-Gerbig, ND; Chair of the Board of Directors, Evelyn Brown, AL; and Parliamentarian, Gwen Geis, WY.


Since 1952, the American National CattleWomen, Inc., a non-profit volunteer organization, has used its grassroots volunteer energy to engage and educate consumers about beef and the beef industry.
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